Although the past decade has been characterized by an increase in the number of new therapeutic approaches, neurological disorders still affect almost one fifth of the world’s population. Due to insufficient therapeutic approaches, which include side effects and the use of invasive methods, neurological disorders represent a huge burden for patients. According to the latest study by the European Brain Council, this means that numerous needs remain unmet, with the costs of care for patients reaching €1 trillion in the European Union alone. Therefore, there is a need to improve the systems for early diagnosis, treatment, and integrated care of these disorders.


Overview of the Device

EMHANCE is a portable device that uses electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to treat brain disorders. The central elements of our device are emitters that enable application of EMFs to the target region. Connected to the transmitters via a feedback loop, our device also contains sensors for real-time measurement of vital parameters. The combination of the transmitters and sensors facilitates real-time adjustment of the treatment protocol in accordance with the measurements, inducing electric currents in the brain and leading to functional recovery. Thus, the patients receive personalized treatment, ensuring its effectiveness.The sensors also transmit data to healthcare institutions, facilitating remote monitoring of patient status and providing the doctors with an accurate overview of patient’s health.


Instead of imposing limits, EMHANCE allows one to live their life to the fullest.


EMHANCE requires no invasive surgeries or long stays in the hospital.


EMHANCE delivers a treatment protocol tailored to each individual.


With a range of sensor and emitter positioning maps, EMHANCE can be adapted to any situation.