Taking the stage at Startup Fair. Adapt 2023

We’re thrilled to share some exhilarating news with you all! As the countdown to the “Startup Fair. Adapt 2023” begins, EMHANCE™ is gearing up to step onto the grand stage and pitch our idea in the semi-finals of the Startup Fair Pitch Battle. It’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of an event that celebrates the spirit of adaptation in the startup ecosystem.

We are not only excited about the chance to present before a global audience but also for the outstanding prizes that await the winners:

  1. Startup Terrace Taiwan Prize: A coveted seat in their FLASH program for the 1st place winner.
  2. Baltic Sandbox Ventures Award: Up to 125,000 EUR investment for selected teams.
  3. FIRSTPICK Award: Up to 100,000 EUR investment along with an acceleration program.
  4. Unicorns Lithuania Prize: One-year membership at Unicorns Lithuania for the 1st place winner.
  5. Cloudvisor Award: A 5,000 USD check for Amazon Web Services for selected teams.

Want to be there to witness the excitement firsthand? Well, you can! Join us in Vilnius, Lithuania, on the 7th of September for an unforgettable experience!

So, mark your calendars, get ready for the big day, and join us as we adapt, innovate, and celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship. Together, let’s make Startup Fair. Adapt 2023 an event to remember!

The best part? Tickets are absolutely free! Secure your spot by grabbing your tickets on the event’s official website.

Keep believing, keep innovating, and keep embracing change.

See you at the fair!


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