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Empowering healthcare to enrich lives.

This is not just a business venture for us; it’s a mission that resonates with our hearts. Our unwavering commitment to making a genuine impact in this field drives us.

We are dedicated to creating solutions that truly matter, and we believe EMHANCE™ can make a meaningful difference in many lives. Your well-being is at the core of everything we do!

Our team’s expertise spans physics, engineering and various disciplines within neuroscience, including neurobiology and computational neuroscience. This interdisciplinary approach enables us to examine the brain’s structure and function from multiple angles, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of brain disorders and their treatment.


Jasmina Isaković, PhD

Chief executive officer

In 2016, during her studies at NYU in Abu Dhabi, Jasmina embarked on a journey to bridge the stark health disparities she observed in her undergraduate years. This troubling reality ignited a passion within her to use science as a tool for change. Her exploration into electromagnetic fields within the human body, which began as an undergraduate thesis, became the focus of her PhD dissertation in Basic Medical Sciences in 2017, leading to the conception of EMHANCE.

With over 6 years of experience in the biomedical industry, Jasmina has published 14 research articles, given over 6 invited talks at scientific conferences, and served as a principal investigator in a regional R&D project. Ultimately, EMHANCE became Jasmina’s life’s mission, a way to blend her knowledge and passion to bring hope and equality to those in need. Her journey is driven by a deep desire to create a fairer world through the fusion of science and empathy.

Filip Slatković, MSc

& co-founder

Filip, a Master’s of Science in Medical Engineering graduate, has always been driven by the impact of his work on people’s lives. This realization dawned on him during his undergraduate years,, when he worked part-time as a field service engineer. A successful repair job at the city’s largest hospital center led to a heartfelt expression of gratitude from a mother, whose son could now receive vital treatment. This experience deeply impacted Filip, making him realize that his work was not just about fixing machines, but about changing lives.

Upon discovering EMHANCE in 2019, Filip saw an opportunity to further this impact. From the project’s inception, he committed himself to all aspects of hardware and software. With 5 years of experience in the MedTech industry, Filip brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to EMHANCE. His journey in the industry has seen him wear many hats – from field technician and designer to mechatronics engineer. Each role has enriched his understanding of the field and honed his skills, making him a valuable asset to the EMHANCE team.

Dinko Mitrečić, MD, PhD

& co-founder

Dinko is a medical doctor who has been working in the biomedical field for over two decades. Most of these years have been spent at the helm of the Laboratory for Stem Cells, researching novel approaches for treatment of neurological disorders, including ischemic stroke, ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

With over 50 publications to his name, he has shared his findings and insights with the global scientific community, furthering our collective knowledge and understanding of neurodegenerative disorders. During the last 12 years, Dinko has also been a coordinator or partner on over 20 regional and EU research projects.

Currently the manager of our preclinical research team, EMHANCE isn’t just a project for Dinko – it’s a reflection of his enduring faith in the transformative power of science to make the world a better place.

Our story in a few words

EMHANCE is the product of years of unwavering dedication and a profound passion for a brighter world. It envisions a reality where individuals are not bound by the circumstances of their birth, but can fully embrace the boundless opportunities life has to offer.

During her undergraduate studies at NYU Abu Dhabi, Jasmina developed a keen interest in the role of electromagnetic fields within the central nervous system. This led her to establish EMHANCE, a project focused on leveraging these fields for therapeutic applications, drawing inspiration from successful modalities such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and deep brain stimulation (DBS).

The pivotal moment came in 2017 when Jasmina teamed up with Dinko’s cutting-edge laboratory, setting the wheels in motion to transform the vision into a reality.

This was soon followed by the team securing an R&D grant of 65k EUR in 2019, facilitating development of the early prototype.

Filip joined the team as the chief engineer in 2019, contributing expertise in refining the technical aspects and building the device. By 2021, the team had a functional prototype and promising results from cell culture tests.

In 2023, EMHANCE officially incorporated and secured its first investment during the pre-seed round in Q3.

Currently, we are actively fundraising to create an MVP for animal studies, with clinical trials on the horizon.

If you’re interested in joining us on this transformative journey, reach out to invest@emhance.co.

Skills & experience

Empowering healthcare to enrich lives.

Through the integration of engineering, physics, and medicine, we have an advanced understanding of the human body, facilitating the development of innovative treatments and, ultimately, leading to improved healthcare outcomes.

Our Team

Dr. Jasmina Isaković, with six years in the medical industry and a PhD in Basic Medical Sciences specializing in the interaction of electromagnetic fields with tissue, anchors EMHANCE. She has published over 14 scientific articles.

Filip Slatković, MSc, an instrumental team member, brings five years of expertise in the medical device industry, encompassing hardware, engineering, quality control and management.

Prof. Dinko Mitrečić, a seasoned medical doctor with over 20 years of experience, leads his own laboratory in pioneering treatments for neurological disorders and has a prolific record of over 50 published articles.